Friday, July 10, 2009

Rant #8: History repeats itself.

I was reading Percy Jackson book 5 today, and I kinda realized...

The ending? It's reminding me of Disney's Hercules.

Seriously. Percy is offered the chance to be a god, and he turns it down for a girl. Yup. Except it's Annabeth, not Meg.

Oooookay, technically it's not just for Annabeth, it's for his other friends like Grover and Nico and whatnot, but still.


End Rant.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rant #7: The Haruhi Shipping Wars

This blog is becoming more and more like my shipping angst!

Anyway, I am getting more and more into YukiKyon.

People keep thinking Haruhi is pursuing Kyon and Kyon is totally oblivious to Haruhi's affections...Not true. By the end of Melancholy, Kyon realized the truth...

...and didn't care.

What about Haruhi, you say? Ah, if it's that girl, then I'm not worried at all. Haruhi would usually ignore any guy that dares to pursue her. Should the skies one day fall and Haruhi actually begins to go out with someone, then she wouldn't be busy looking for aliens or time travelers. That should be a good news for the Earth, and I'm sure Koizumi would be delighted at the decrease in workload.
After that, the turbulent and surreal part of my life would come to an end. Maybe that day would really arrive, but I was sure it wasn't now.
-The Wavering of Suzumiya Haruhi - "Charmed at First Sight LOVER"

As for ItsuKyon...Never gonna happen! This is fangirlism!

"I guess you could say a cold shiver just went down my spine. Now let me set the record straight, I am an absolutely normal heterosexual male. My preference for "the same team" weighs less than that of a humming bird, in other words, it's non-existent. Whether subconsciously or unconsciously, my preference has been "straight". See? Aren't I right? My body would go hot just thinking about Asahina-san. If Koizumi had called me saying such stuff, I would've hung up already. By the way, I'm not bisexual either. Do I make myself clear?"
-The Wavering of Suzumiya Haruhi - "Charmed at First Sight LOVER"


"But I do. I've said it many times already, I'm not interested in "the other side". Koizumi, all you needed to do is just quietly play your part as the commentator for the game. This is just between me, Nagato and Nakagawa."
-The Wavering of Suzumiya Haruhi - "Charmed at First Sight LOVER"

And there you go.

Kyon's not the type to be "in denial", anyway, because he calls himself an "easy-to-understand guy".

So, what about Yuki?

In Disappearance, Kyon even grabs her hand; Yuki pulls his sleeve; in Charmed at First Sight LOVER Kyon even states his jealousy over Yuki being "curious" in Nakagawa and Nakagawa being in love with Yuki; Kyon goes into the impact of her in the Disappearance arc and her sleeve-pulling; he even says that:

"In the past few months since we met, I've shared many memories with Nagato. Though I've also shared memories with Haruhi, Asahina-san and Koizumi, I found that I've experienced more events with Nagato in particular. In fact, every situation seems to involve her. I might as well mention this, she's probably the only person to cause the bell within me to shake the most vigorously. No matter what happens, Haruhi would always find a way out, Asahina-san only needs to remain as herself, while Koizumi can go to hell for all I care, but..."
-The Wavering of Suzumiya Haruhi - "Charmed at First Sight LOVER"

Why are YOU in denial?

End Rant.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rant #6: Hikari is not the perfect girlfriend.

I'll say it again: Hikari is not the perfect girlfriend.

This isn't precisely an evident problem with the normal canon...considering most canonically strict stories are over Daisuke vs. Takeru. But there are a few clues there.

For instance: Male Character x Hikari. I swear, Hikari has been put with every single one of the boys. All of them. Taichi (her own brother), Yamato, Koushiro, Jou, Hoi Brother #1, Hoi Brother #2, Hoi Brother #3, Takeru, Ken, Daisuke, and yes, even Iori. Miyako, Sora, and Mimi don't get nearly as much attention.

This is simply because most people tend to believe that, since Hikari is kind and sweet, she would match up fine with anyone...


Hikari, firstly, is a weak person. She has a dependency complex. She can be strong morally, but...well, I'll put it this way: "The Call of Dagomon". So she wouldn't do well with another weak person. Unlike, say, Takeru, who's practically a murderer with the darkness, or Daisuke, who despite being single-minded, can focus entirely on one goal...But someone like Koushiro would also buckle under the same pressure.

(And seriously, Taichi, Yamato, Jou, and Koushiro are too old for her. And I know Ken's a little younger than Miyako, but Iori and Hikari...this is ridiculous.)

This becomes more apparent in the crossovers. My eyes are pained with OC/Hikari, Takato/Hikari, Jian/Hikari, Takuya/Hikari, Kouji/Hikari, Kouichi/Hikari, Satoshi/Hikari, Ichigo/Hikari, Sora (KH)/Hikari...basically, "Insert Male Lead Character From Media"/Hikari.


Like I said, Hikari is not a perfect girlfriend. She has defined traits, and she has a lot of responsibility that she's not sure she has. She has strange things about her still not fully explained, and so on...

Hikari is *the* most paired canon character in Digimon Adventure. I'm not joking.

Cut it out. I'm getting pissed!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rant #5: Daikari vs. Takari

There's an abundance of evidence to support both ships, I admit. Personally I support Takari. Why? Daisuke, in a personality-sense, didn't seem right with Hikari.

But Daisuke does seem to have an insane obsession on Hikari. I mean, in Diablomon Strikes Back, despite Koushiro and Ken's constant emphasis that he should not do so, he attempts to enter the internet to "save" Hikari.

But then...when he "had" to pick one friend to be spared for the Kaiser's kill...why didn't he just choose Hikari? xD

Now, I've decided to drop the bomb.

There's a rumor going around that Takari, Kenyako, Sorato, and Koumi were the originally intended couples, but this was supported by only one website and can't really be proved. Plus, Koumi has almost nil evidence.

I think actually Daisuke has simply a fear of being left alone. Notice that Daisuke never mentions the word "love" with Hikari. He's just trying to stay posessive of a very good friend. If someone was starting to pull your best friend away, wouldn't you react the same?

There's also Hikari towards Takeru, and despite my hatred towards the English dub of episode 13, "The Call of Dagomon", there is Japanese evidence, and Hikari calls for the three people she cares for most. And listen closely...


So Takeru ranks that high on the "really close" list, eh?

Now, the biggest argument given from Daikari fans is that "Although Hikari may like Takeru, he never shows feelings for her!"


I think there's one unignorable fact that I must state.

The best way to put it is the way Akai puts it: Character songs can reveal a lot about a character.

Of course, the character songs were never released in English. But if one listens to one of the songs for Takeru, "Focus", and ignores Yamamoto Taisuke's absolutely horrible voice, the lyrics become clear. Takeru is addressing someone he's known since he was small, and has shared many experiences with - and concludes with, "Am I the focus of your heart?"

Sound familiar?

Now, this is just as vague as Yuki's character song supposedly addressing Kyon (although there were snippets from Yuki's conversation WITH KYON), but we have some clues.

Takeru would not address Yamato, obviously - why would you inquire if your own brother loves you? And it's quite an awkward way to put it too, "Am I the focus of your heart?" Takeru also knows Patamon too, but the problem is the exact phrasing of the question. So, the only way to hand Takeru that question would be to have him address a girl. And the only possible conceivable girl Takeru would like would be...


If only Daikari fans learned to drop the stubbornness and listen to logic...

End Rant.


Edit: Ever hear Hikari's song "Reflection"? I swear, that's Takeru-aimed. Might even be a response to "Focus". And if you're going to talk to someone whose eyes are beautiful with a reflection...Does this sound biased? But Daisuke's eyes are completely non-reflective... End Rant, before I get overboard.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rant #4: Suzumiya Haruhi

In one night, I read all 9 Suzumiya Haruhi light novels. (Okay, not really all of it. I skimmed a bit.) I also read a bit of the manga.

(Just so you know, Hare Hare Yukai is as far as I ever intend to get with the anime.)

I also read a couple online descriptions. However, there was something that I disagreed with. Most sources had something along the lines of this:

"Although the story is told through Kyon's point of view, Haruhi is the main character."

...I don't think so.

*Spoiler alert!*

Most of the plotline occurs behind Haruhi's back. What with Yuki modifying the baseball bat/Yuki reprogramming the computer game/Mikuru (big) showing up/Yuki altering reality/Itsuki doing...whatever he does/Yuki messing with that strange boy's head/Itsuki being his esper-ish self/Yuki fighting with Asakura (ohgog, Yuki is in a lot of these) are important elements in the plot. Not to say Haruhi isn't important - she's the whole point of the story - but Kyon is the main character, in my opinion. I mean, the whole Disappearance arc was about Kyon, not Haruhi.

In rating the Haruhi characters in order of creepiness, I made Itsuki first (for having that smile on 24/7), then Yuki (not because she's an alien, but because she's so...omniscient), then Haruhi ("I'm bored" leads to "END OF THE WORLD"), then Mikuru (only for technicalities; she can SEE time-quakes), then Kyon (annoying but normal).

As for ships, I'm somewhat of a Yuki/Kyon, although since there really isn't much evidence as I can see (like I said, I didn't read in detail), I can't be too lovey-dovey like the other anime ships. (I might be a Mikuru/Kyon if you push me.) I'm also Parallel!Haruhi/Parallel!Itsuki, as if it hadn't been for the whole *incident*, they would be together. (I said nothing about the actual Haruhi and Itsuki.) Maybe...Parallel!Yuki and Kyon?, too many fanfiction writers took that. Still, it's something to consider.

Haruhi/Kyon is an anime/manga fabrication and is ignored by me. In the light novels, Kyon specifically states he's aware of Haruhi acquiring and dumping boys at the speed of light, and it might be a good thing if she starts dating someone because it'd be easier on him and Itsuki. yeah.

You know the Yuki-is-in-the-Lucky-Star-cosplay-cafe-and-is-looking-for-Haruhi-in-an-alternate-reality theory? I might write about that.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Rant #3: Mac vs. PC

Before I continue, I give you my life story of computers.

My early life was with PCs. My preschool/kindergarten used PCs. My dad had PCs at home.

We moved when I was five, and I was introduced to Macs, although at the time I could barely tell the difference. Even for that time, the Macs were dinosaurs, but they worked well and rarely froze. All my files were compatible, too.

My parents continued with PCs, introducing me to the differences, and buying Windows 2000 and eventually Windows XP laptops. They worked well too. Almost no crashing. Everything compatible (except maybe fonts, but those aren't even compatible PC to PC).

Even during middle school, the old Macs were kept, but at the same time they introduced iBooks G3s, which were big at the time. I loved them. Even though I didn't know about Ctrl-click or Command-Option-Escape, I managed to survive without right-click and Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Don't get me wrong. PCs were also a comfortable haven for me. I used them very often. They worked well, rarely froze or crashed, and guess what? I'm still using them, even though the charger is dented a bit and I have to put a 5-pound weight on it to work. (Yes, we did buy new ones in the meantime. We currently have 4 usable PCs right now. One is out of commission due to lack of Microsoft Office, one has a dented charger and is rarely used, and two are used all day.)

I changed middle schools, and this was strictly PC-based. They shoved at me a HP Compaq laptop. Let me tell you right now. Don't get HP if you want a PC. It's the worst. The only thing HP is good for is printers. (Get Dell. If I ever get another PC, not that I plan to but when I'm an adult, get Dell. It's the best.)

So last year, after my HP computer crashed for the seventh time since I started using it, I vowed I would never get it repaired again, and got a Mac.

I love it.

If you want a computer:

1. If you want compatibility, get a Mac with VMware Fusion (buy or, if you're daring, keygen it).
2. If you want a computer that works fast, get a Mac.
3. If you want a computer you'll be used to using, get a Dell PC.

End Rant.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rant #2: Mimato. And a little Jyoumi. And the English dub.

Digimon. Where most of my fanfics are housed.

Mimato has the smallest issue out of all of them. But really, they have NO evidence. None. Never. All of the lines that were supposedly Mimato are either English dub or not even there. And besides, just because they stand next to each other, like, once doesn't work. It's gotta be constantly (like Takari). But really, the last argument for them, "opposites attract", is no more than a Paula Abdul song.

Jyoumi is a little less favored recently, but really, Jou only cared for Mimi because he would have done that for everyone else. And the "To: Mimi, From: Joe" thing was total English dub. The stupid thing was a NAMEPLATE. It said "Tachikawa", then "Keichimura" (some sources say "Keisuke"), then "Satoe", then "Mimi". A NAMEPLATE.

The English dub is the worst. Jeff Nimoy, chief English dubber, is an ***hole as far as I'm concerned. Mr. Nimoy, if you're reading this, I want you to know: Just because you support Taiora and Jyoumi doens't mean you have the right to twist the plot and lines to make your own perverted version of Digimon. This is not your show. You're the reason so many people run around misguided.