Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meh. Rant #1: Copy-and-paste in fanfiction profiles.

This won't have too many rants, just what I feel on a whim.

I hate copy-and-paste stuff in fanfiction profiles. Seriously. They just clutter up your profile and make a bunch of meaningless trash.

The stuff that's supposed to make you cry? No way. It's not making me cry. Why? Because I've read it a million times. Am I heartless because I don't copy and paste? No. I donate money. I help people. I care about others. I do not copy and paste stupid stuff on my profile. It makes those sad cases seem like nothing, okay?

Also, we need to be realistic. It is not 99% of American teenagers that have tried smoking pot. If they did we'd all be dead. It is not 98% of American teenagers who would die if Abercrombie and Fitch told them it'd be uncool to breathe. Because if it was, seriously, we'd all be dead.


I've also seen the abortion one. The one where the baby screams for help because the mother heartlessly aborts it. Bad, right?

Come on. Nobody aborts a baby at six months. The most common abortions are 6-10 weeks. By six months the baby will definitely be alive. The reason for dispute about abortion is because the baby is still genderless, can't think or feel, etc. So I'm not taking the side of abortion, but the thing is a little too overhead.

I'm not going to be the one with the 75-page profile. Please, get a life.


PS: Don't take this personally if you have copy and paste stuff. I just had to express my opinion.


  1. Ha, I love copy and paste stuff. But, yeah, it clutters up a profile (so i made my own webpage, ha!) and the facts are wrong (the Jonas Brothers aren't THAT popular, I'd kill myself if they were!), and those little stories aren't tear-jerking. Well, the homophobia one is nice because, like, EVERYONE is homophobic.

    Had to aggree with ya, see ya!

  2. ROFL.

    And no, Stella, not everyone is homophobic. We So Cal freaks love to say "It's okay to be gay" with an idiotic grin on our face.

    Well, most of us. Take out the radical Abrahamists and the rednecks.

    Hey, Aster, what are you going to sing for karaoke? (I know, I'm posting this comment so VERY late but I was bored)