Friday, January 30, 2009

Rant #3: Mac vs. PC

Before I continue, I give you my life story of computers.

My early life was with PCs. My preschool/kindergarten used PCs. My dad had PCs at home.

We moved when I was five, and I was introduced to Macs, although at the time I could barely tell the difference. Even for that time, the Macs were dinosaurs, but they worked well and rarely froze. All my files were compatible, too.

My parents continued with PCs, introducing me to the differences, and buying Windows 2000 and eventually Windows XP laptops. They worked well too. Almost no crashing. Everything compatible (except maybe fonts, but those aren't even compatible PC to PC).

Even during middle school, the old Macs were kept, but at the same time they introduced iBooks G3s, which were big at the time. I loved them. Even though I didn't know about Ctrl-click or Command-Option-Escape, I managed to survive without right-click and Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Don't get me wrong. PCs were also a comfortable haven for me. I used them very often. They worked well, rarely froze or crashed, and guess what? I'm still using them, even though the charger is dented a bit and I have to put a 5-pound weight on it to work. (Yes, we did buy new ones in the meantime. We currently have 4 usable PCs right now. One is out of commission due to lack of Microsoft Office, one has a dented charger and is rarely used, and two are used all day.)

I changed middle schools, and this was strictly PC-based. They shoved at me a HP Compaq laptop. Let me tell you right now. Don't get HP if you want a PC. It's the worst. The only thing HP is good for is printers. (Get Dell. If I ever get another PC, not that I plan to but when I'm an adult, get Dell. It's the best.)

So last year, after my HP computer crashed for the seventh time since I started using it, I vowed I would never get it repaired again, and got a Mac.

I love it.

If you want a computer:

1. If you want compatibility, get a Mac with VMware Fusion (buy or, if you're daring, keygen it).
2. If you want a computer that works fast, get a Mac.
3. If you want a computer you'll be used to using, get a Dell PC.

End Rant.


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