Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rant #4: Suzumiya Haruhi

In one night, I read all 9 Suzumiya Haruhi light novels. (Okay, not really all of it. I skimmed a bit.) I also read a bit of the manga.

(Just so you know, Hare Hare Yukai is as far as I ever intend to get with the anime.)

I also read a couple online descriptions. However, there was something that I disagreed with. Most sources had something along the lines of this:

"Although the story is told through Kyon's point of view, Haruhi is the main character."

...I don't think so.

*Spoiler alert!*

Most of the plotline occurs behind Haruhi's back. What with Yuki modifying the baseball bat/Yuki reprogramming the computer game/Mikuru (big) showing up/Yuki altering reality/Itsuki doing...whatever he does/Yuki messing with that strange boy's head/Itsuki being his esper-ish self/Yuki fighting with Asakura (ohgog, Yuki is in a lot of these) are important elements in the plot. Not to say Haruhi isn't important - she's the whole point of the story - but Kyon is the main character, in my opinion. I mean, the whole Disappearance arc was about Kyon, not Haruhi.

In rating the Haruhi characters in order of creepiness, I made Itsuki first (for having that smile on 24/7), then Yuki (not because she's an alien, but because she's so...omniscient), then Haruhi ("I'm bored" leads to "END OF THE WORLD"), then Mikuru (only for technicalities; she can SEE time-quakes), then Kyon (annoying but normal).

As for ships, I'm somewhat of a Yuki/Kyon, although since there really isn't much evidence as I can see (like I said, I didn't read in detail), I can't be too lovey-dovey like the other anime ships. (I might be a Mikuru/Kyon if you push me.) I'm also Parallel!Haruhi/Parallel!Itsuki, as if it hadn't been for the whole *incident*, they would be together. (I said nothing about the actual Haruhi and Itsuki.) Maybe...Parallel!Yuki and Kyon?, too many fanfiction writers took that. Still, it's something to consider.

Haruhi/Kyon is an anime/manga fabrication and is ignored by me. In the light novels, Kyon specifically states he's aware of Haruhi acquiring and dumping boys at the speed of light, and it might be a good thing if she starts dating someone because it'd be easier on him and Itsuki. yeah.

You know the Yuki-is-in-the-Lucky-Star-cosplay-cafe-and-is-looking-for-Haruhi-in-an-alternate-reality theory? I might write about that.


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  1. BTW this is Akai xD;;;

    Noes, I was going to write about the Lucky Star thing too. ;-;

    Personally, I found a lot of KyonYuki evidence. Uh, let's see here...
    1. AU Yuki evidently likes Kyon.
    2. Kyon is pretty much the only person who Yuki will talk with at length (but that's easily refutable, I guess)
    3. Ah, her character songs. They leave a lot of hints. You can learn a lot about the characters from the image songs. They like dropping subtle clues in there.
    4. Someday in the Rain. Chronologically, I believe that this is the last episode of Season 1. Anyways, Kyon finds two cardigans on him after he wakes up from a nap. One is explained to be Haruhi's, but the other belongs to someone unknown. It's HEAVILY implied that it's Yuki, mainly because she always wears her cardigan and she was the only other person in the room at that time.

    And as for KyonHaru...
    1. Well, the entire first novel. o_o

    BTW I think what the other bloggers meant was that the main character (as in, the plot develops mostly around her) is Haruhi and the protagonist/narrator is Kyon.

    You're not going to watch the anime? T_T But but but you at least have to watch "Someday in the Rain".

    The light novel author said that Yuki was one of his favorite characters. What was it he said? I believe it was something like "She has the most potential as a character." Yeah. Go Nagato!

    In my personal opinion, I don't really support ItsuHaru or KyonMiku just because they seem pretty incompatible. There are some really good ItsuHaru and KyonMiku fics out there that have allowed me to keep this pairing alive in my heart, though.

    Well...yeah. This was a pretty long comment. I should get myself a blog.