Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rant #5: Daikari vs. Takari

There's an abundance of evidence to support both ships, I admit. Personally I support Takari. Why? Daisuke, in a personality-sense, didn't seem right with Hikari.

But Daisuke does seem to have an insane obsession on Hikari. I mean, in Diablomon Strikes Back, despite Koushiro and Ken's constant emphasis that he should not do so, he attempts to enter the internet to "save" Hikari.

But then...when he "had" to pick one friend to be spared for the Kaiser's kill...why didn't he just choose Hikari? xD

Now, I've decided to drop the bomb.

There's a rumor going around that Takari, Kenyako, Sorato, and Koumi were the originally intended couples, but this was supported by only one website and can't really be proved. Plus, Koumi has almost nil evidence.

I think actually Daisuke has simply a fear of being left alone. Notice that Daisuke never mentions the word "love" with Hikari. He's just trying to stay posessive of a very good friend. If someone was starting to pull your best friend away, wouldn't you react the same?

There's also Hikari towards Takeru, and despite my hatred towards the English dub of episode 13, "The Call of Dagomon", there is Japanese evidence, and Hikari calls for the three people she cares for most. And listen closely...


So Takeru ranks that high on the "really close" list, eh?

Now, the biggest argument given from Daikari fans is that "Although Hikari may like Takeru, he never shows feelings for her!"


I think there's one unignorable fact that I must state.

The best way to put it is the way Akai puts it: Character songs can reveal a lot about a character.

Of course, the character songs were never released in English. But if one listens to one of the songs for Takeru, "Focus", and ignores Yamamoto Taisuke's absolutely horrible voice, the lyrics become clear. Takeru is addressing someone he's known since he was small, and has shared many experiences with - and concludes with, "Am I the focus of your heart?"

Sound familiar?

Now, this is just as vague as Yuki's character song supposedly addressing Kyon (although there were snippets from Yuki's conversation WITH KYON), but we have some clues.

Takeru would not address Yamato, obviously - why would you inquire if your own brother loves you? And it's quite an awkward way to put it too, "Am I the focus of your heart?" Takeru also knows Patamon too, but the problem is the exact phrasing of the question. So, the only way to hand Takeru that question would be to have him address a girl. And the only possible conceivable girl Takeru would like would be...


If only Daikari fans learned to drop the stubbornness and listen to logic...

End Rant.


Edit: Ever hear Hikari's song "Reflection"? I swear, that's Takeru-aimed. Might even be a response to "Focus". And if you're going to talk to someone whose eyes are beautiful with a reflection...Does this sound biased? But Daisuke's eyes are completely non-reflective... End Rant, before I get overboard.

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  1. No Shit. TK and Kari (I'll use dub names since that's what I'm most familiar with) were literally made for each other. I fail to see why anyone would think of Kari and Davis as being a compatible couple.